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Jim Davies Advanced Sports Massage, Eden Valley, Penrith, Cumbria



Treatments are tailored to suit your individual requirements.

The treatments include massage techniques targeting:


  • Chronic / long term muscular tension, aches and pains.

  • Alleviating pain due to injury and aiding in faster recovery.

  • Improving muscular function and range of motion.

  • improving circulation within the muscles

  • Pre and post event treatments aimed at faster recovery, injury prevention and helping to get you in the best possible shape for your planned race / activity.


The massage works by getting deeply into the muscles of the body to relieve muscular tension, break down scar tissue, improve muscular function and mobility, and promote circulation.


Feel free to get in touch to discuss the suitability of treatments.

Jim Davies Sports Massage -Mob:07854092258




Treatments and therefore timings are tailored to your needs.

  •   1hr Session : £35

  •   1/2hr            : £25




Please be aware that appointments involving travel greater than 10 miles from the Clinic (CA11 7PT) will have an additional 50p per mile charge.






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